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The Internet has become a great educational tool for Nikola Tesla friends. Countless stories, articles and documentation are available now to study, understand and appreciate the outstanding genius and extraordinary man that he was. Although his energy is so strong and so ever present, that it is a great idea to speak of him as if he never really left. After all his life time's work was for the benefit of mandkind, his future, us.

Hvala Nikola.


"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. There is no constellation or nebula, no sun or planet, in all the depths of limitless space, no passing wanderer of the starry heavens, that does not exercise some control over its destinyŚnot in the vague and delusive sense of astrology, but in the rigid and positive meaning of physical science. " Nikola Tesla


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Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe


Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia

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Nikola Tesla Lab Project


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I think universal justice should be renamed the Tesla Justice. Because karma here, is operating at full speed. You do not try to put the lid on a man that has love in his heart. He will come back to haunt you no matter how and when because God always remains on his side. Delphine Tesla


Wardenclyffe Tower Nikola Tesla
Wardenclyffe Tower

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The unit of magnetic induction is named in honor of Tesla.


Nikola Tesla



Engineering Discipline

Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Significant Projects

Alternating current, high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments

Significant Design

Induction motor Rotating magnetic field Tesla coil Radio remote control vehicle (torpedo)[1]:355


Significant Awards

Order of St. Sava, II Class, Government of Serbia (1892) Elliott Cresson Medal (1894) Order of Prince Danilo I (1895) Edison Medal (1916) Order of St. Sava, I Class, Government of Yugoslavia (1926) Order of the Yugoslav Crown (1931) John Scott Medal (1934) Order of the White Eagle, I Class, Government of Yugoslavia (1936) Order of the White Lion, I Class, Government of Czechoslovakia (1937) University of Paris Medal (1937) The Medal of the University St. Clement of Ochrida, Sofia, Bulgaria (1939)







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